Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Lockers as we all know are a great help to all f us ,its either in school or in office.When i was still in school,i have to make sure to get my own locker so i wouldn't have to carry all my books or any materials to the house.School lockers are very convenient since you can store all your belongings from books,uniforms,shoes,projects,or bags.
I was surfing the net when i happened to bump to this site more lockers.com,and they have wide ray selection of lockers.The site offers different kinds of lockers at a very reasonable price.From metal to wood lockers,from the standards to special lockers.I remember in our school before,we have gym lockers that are really of good quality.In this site that i mention,they have a lot to choose from plus they have a especial team that will guide and assist you from choosing to installation.So why go to other site where theres a one stop shop that will give you the comfortability and best quality that you are looking for.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


If you are thinking of your future and wanted to invest into something,one great investment that you wouldn't regret for the rest of your life is to buy bullion.As we all know bullion or gold bullion are very competitive prices in the market,and as many says," its the safest haven in the economic crisis.Many of us now are feeling the economic deflation in many aspects.That is why many of us are putting the future ahead than feeling empty handed at all.To buy gold bullion is one great move to think ahead the future for you and for your family's sake and one thing to make everything in secure is select a good plan on gold IRA from a very reliable,well administered and experienced custodian
If you are thinking of this kind of investment,it is really a must that you will buy from a very trusted and well reviewed site or from a reliable source.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It is very well known on the web that tutorvista.com is one great site that help students understand math problems.We all know that math is one of the hardest subject and really needs more time to study and get acquainted to.K-12 and college students especially needs math help in order for them to familiarize each cases and problem solving.It is indeed a fact that students needs an online tutoring for their homework help.The site is 24/7 available so they don't have to call and schedule for an appointment.If you want a very quick answer on your certain question,its there answered right away.If you need algebra help ,calculus help and fraction you need not to worry anymore because they will helped you understand,in a very easy way.Their tutor's are very well trained and came from a good school.They are well equipped with the subject and have good values plus you can use all the services you want at a very very affordable rate.For you to understand better,you can look into their site and read the reviews.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


MONEY IS A VERY IMPORTANT OBJECT in our lives.Its something that we use to buy goods and pays our daily needs.But if you dont work hard,money will not come into you,unless you were born heiress.. I could honestly say i am very "NOT" good with money since i love to eat,shop and travel but when i got married and gave birth,i learned to value money.These are the 3 things that i learned and still hopping i could apply these lessons FOREVER...

  1. BUDGET -now i slowly little by little learning how to budget.I don't buy things that are not important.I buy things which i or we could literally use.As much as possible,i set money for what we really use for our everyday consumption.
  2. NO DEBTS - we intend not to use our credit cards,or buy things that are installments.We have to practice the word "patience" that in time if we need something,well have to save money to buy that something.NO to loans at all.(for now)
  3. SAVE MONEY - if we have money,its better to put it in the bank and not on the wallet...
I hope and pray that i will forever practice this kind of attitude.Patience is a virtue and im crossing my finger for this goal...GOODLUCK TO ME?

Thursday, July 15, 2010



  1. wanted to moved in and stay away from this house(the house is ok but i dont know why i wanna transfer..
  2. my hubby is super busy with the seminar that he has to go early and go home late.
  3. our nanny is going home...
  4. my parent's are going home
  5. less task..
  6. tskkk..tssskk..
  1. my little kiddo is super healthy and makes us all happy and proud.
  2. everybody in the family are healthy...
  3. hubby's patients kept on coming in....
  4. my hubby's family are healthy ...
  5. abundant blessings everyday...


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My hubby and i are planning to buy a new television since our tv that we are using is not working properly anymore.The color is kinda different from the usual color it brings.We wanted something big but affordable,preferably a slim type since it can save energy.There are so many brands and styles in the market but we still dont know what to buy.We want something that will last forever(if it is possible)....I saw this pictures on the web and Oh!!!! WOW!!! super nice and really tempting to buy...

Here are some picS.


Friday, July 9, 2010


For the past weeks,I've been very sad and so depressed.A lot of things happened lately that really breaks my heart.2 weeks ago my little boy was sick and it lasted for almost a week.Looking at him in pain is like killing us all.Thank and praise god,he was able to cope the bad bacteria that got into his system.after a week,my sister was diagnosed of having a gallstone and that need to be removed.She was scheduled for an operation and thank god,the operation was successfully done.2 days after my sister's operation,i got a phone call from my auntie telling me that my dad was in pain and they brought him to the hospital.He was rushed and was admitted up to now.He was diagnosed of PNEUMONIA.It really worries me and definitely breaks my heart if any member of my family will get sick.I maybe tough and strong but deep inside me,my heart is bleeding..We cant hold what will happened next because everything is up to God.We cant predict the time.All we can do is just to pray and ask God for guidance and enlightenment.I surrender everything to God and i know everything will be ok in his time..Im so thankful and so blessed because God gave me such a very supportive and loving husband.He makes me feel especial and that everything is ok and will be ok..Im so touched yesterday and so happy.If im super down,he knows what could make me happy.He went home early from work,cancelled his patients appointments,and brought me and our baby boy to a Japaness Restaurant and dine."Order everything and little thing you want,eat anything you want and drink anything you want,my hubby said..:-) I smiled and kissed him.After here,will go the grocery and buy all you need,(i really enjoyed doing some groceries though)and last will buy some tagalog DVD'S that you havent watched,and i'll watch the movie with you( because he doesn't like tagalog movies esp.love stories..;-)
I felt a different feeling..A feeling of happiness and really uplift my spirit knowing that somebody and someone is there for you and who will do anything to make you happy..Such a nice feeling and super thankful for my dear husband and baby who kept on giggling all the way..:-) Love you both and thank you lord..

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Every time i go somewhere,i make it a point to bring my camera with me.Its like a "must to bring" when i go out.I like taking pictures of anything.It has no particular subject as long as i find it very interesting or fun to look at.I love taking when the sun rises and the sun sets.Blending of the color is super magnifico.Its like your'e at peace and so close with god.


Hope you'll all like it...:-)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Let's face it guys,the technology is fast uprising and new details are coming in.One of the most highly in demand on the web is playing online casino.Many players find it more convenient since they don't have to go somewhere to play and can even concentrate on the game better.When playing online, you must know the guidelines so you'll be familiar with the software.Basic information's helps one player.Reading the pros and con's helped a lot to win the prizes.Poker,blackjack,roulette,and slots are just among the famous games played.
When playing online,players will not be pressured by the other players because they don't see you and you will not be intimidated by others.Second thing to be grateful playing online is that,you can either choose to play for free or play with a bet and if you feel of not playing anymore,all you hav to do is just to stop and log out.

Monday, June 21, 2010


JUST FEW DAYS AGO, my hubby surprised me with a gift..He ask me to go with him to the mall with our baby and just wanted to roam around..I thought he just wanted to go there because he was just bored or something.All the while,he was thinking of buying me something then.He ask me to just pick one.Wether to pick a macbook or a DSLR camera.Then of course i wanted the macbook since im always on the net.Never did i imagine he would buy me right away.. :-) He just dragged me to the apple store and let me pick the one i wanted..To my surprise,i hugged him and kissed him..ehehhe surprising isn't it?!!!! He knew how much i wanted to buy lappy but because we have to save money for some projects,it was put aside.My hubby is kinda weird sometimes but i love it..Thanks so much honey bk...muahhh!!!

Im still familiarizing everything since its quiet different .Windows is quiet different with mac,but i tell you guys,its totally amazing... :-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


If you are working in the construction,it is a must that your'e clothing are safe and comfortable enough when working.Gears should be made from a very durable and safe company like Carhartt.When working,you wouldn't know when it will rain or when will be the hottest time.A good material is a must so we can work properly.Mens Carhartt clothes are simply amazing for their texture, the durability, and the quality it brings to the workers.The performance is absolutely good no wonders people who are working in the construction and the farmers choose Carhartt.Carhartt doesn't ended with mens clothing but with women's Carhartt clothes too.They offer the same fabric,durability and quality.With so much nice and fashionably colors to chose from that women are more eager to work than ever.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


FINALLY!!!! My hubby approved me to have our little kiddo have his hair shaved and this are some pictures that i took ....:-)

Now,Sky is enjoying his new hair cut and always rubbing his head off...:-)

Friday, May 14, 2010


If something is rare,then it will be considered as precious. Just like gold or golds are just some of the precious metals that we considered rare.All of us wanted to have,right?Some people would want to buy bullion because they wanted to keep it and sell it in the future or others would want to turned it to jewelries and sell.Investing to gold bullion is a very good investment because upon the market's report it does not deflate.In fact,many investors are looking for bullion for some practical reasons.Usually investors who like this kind of investment are the collectors.They would search gold bullion and just collect it and keep it.Collectors are very meticulous in buying.They want something that are purely gold and the design should be perfect enough for their collections. To buy gold bullion need to be done accordingly and many said that there really is a big profit in gold.So if you are trying to invest your money in gold bullion,try to look this site www.goldcoinsgain.com.A very very reliable site ,who offer the lowest price and could give you the best design you ever wanted.


Every Sunday is a family day,and every time we go out on Sunday's,we make it a point to visit and hear mass.Last last Sunday,we went to Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador.We are so blessed because it would only take around 20 minute ride to get there.The place is a very holy place and many devotees from different places and even people from different countries find time to visit the holy place.The place is so sacred and its like you really is at home with God.I took this picture and i could say,this shot i considered as my best shot ever..Hope you guys could come and visit the place and feel the serenity and the ambiance you wanted.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


  • In whatever field or career that you wanna get into,there's always Algebra 1 and Algebra 2subject s that you will undergo.Solving equations,factoring systems of equations and solving Algebra1 problems and Algebra 2 problems are just among the introductions.Many students really find algebra so hard and basically students need Algebra 1 help and so with students who are taking Algebra 2,needs Algebra 2 help also.The very good news now is that,there's an online site that help students find the subject so very easy.

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My apology to my dear bloggers whom i haven't visited their site for a couple of days.We have been so busy for the election.It was so tiring but but the result is so wonderful....now guys...IM BACK............ :-) see yahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Worldwide economy now is not doing good compared to previous years.People are feeling the recession and its so much headache to all of us.A lot of big companies are closing because they cannot cope up the downfall of the economy.Many employees in returned looking for networks that could lend money to cover unexpected expenses.In fact personal loans can help one's individual pay the bills or any emergency cases that will land along the way.My friend who happens to work in a textile company just had a personal loan to pay his sister's hospital bill.Good thing there's an online lender network she found named moneynowusa.com and submit an application.

There are only two steps that she did.
  1. apply an online application
  2. send for approval
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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Just few hours ago,we were watching Pilipinas Got talent and there's this contestant who is so great and so humble.As we were watching him interviewed,i was on teary eyes because of his story but amidst their status,he still have the will to lift their lives.He's voice is so amazing.One of the best voice i have ever heard.The judges admired him in fact the big three gave him a big yes..After the show i then surf the net and find his file...OMG,he got 3 million plus viewers on youtube.I wanna share to you his first performance that made him into semi-final and the second performance. .
of Batanggas


Friday, April 30, 2010


I happened to bump this new site and it was so worth it.Its an online sports betting where you can bet on your favorite teams.They have top site list where you can choose from.They will share to you some tricks and guide you to a better game.If you want basketball or baseball or name some of your favorite games,they have it.It is very easy all you have to do is just to set up your own account.In this site,they are promoting that sports betting is so much fun.Its way of predicting the result of a certain sport.Aside from the fact that you are enjoying,you are also winning.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Life is full of surprises..Just as i was blog hopping and reading my messages a dear blogger pm me saying i have an award.I am so touched knowing that somebody is believing and do like my entries. I wanna say thank you to Jenie's at- a-blink for passing this Sisterhood Award.I thank you from the bottom of my heart and truly i appreciate this... :-) kisses......!!!!!
This is my first time to share this award and im sharing this to friends that inspires me to write...

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Haven't you heard about online casino news recently? Oh yes you probably heard about it.Actually i never played any online casinos because honestly i don't know how to play with it.Then one fine afternoon as i was surfing the net,i happened to open this website and find it very interesting.I scan there roulette game online and enjoyed every minute of it.I enjoyed every game that i even forgot the time.It catches my attention that i even wanna play it more and more.The instructions are so very easy that you wont have hard time playing with it.
Second thing that excites me is that they have the slot tournament and giving away huge amount of money.Its very impressive and surely will not disappoint players.Everyone are all free to enter and all you have to do is just to set up your account and there you go you can play all day..

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Fashion makes everyone surprise...Who could have thought that the shoes that kids are wearing with that " LED" on when you step,that either the adults are wearing too.Two famous stars wearing that glowing shoes in the red carpet are Katy Perry and Fergielecious.Nice isn't it..?
Think...think... mmmm
What if i'll buy this shoes too so every time black out strikes here in the Philippines,i wouldn't have hard time walking in the dark... :-) nyahahhahahha..what do you think........... :-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Way back when i was still in school,i remember i have few favorites and few hated subjects.I myself proudly can say that i belong to students who hate math .I really had a hard time understanding math and i always ask for free math tutoring.It would help my math homework done easily and effectively.I am just so blessed because i have friends who offered for free math homework help.Unlike now that the technology is so great,there are free math tutoring online where you could seek for help anytime,24/7.
One time my cousin went up to me and ask for some calculus help and solve calculus homework.But unfortunately i wans't able to help her because i myself to cannot understand the problem. I so pity on her on that moment.Then on that fine afternoon she just called me and told me she went online and find a calculus tutor and help her.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Upon the statistic research,one of the hardest subject from K-12 to college is Math.A lot of students are asking for Math help because not all students are gifted with brains that could catch Math right away.Math tutor are a need to help them understand and solve Math problems step by step.Good thing,online tutor and free online tutoring is visible to help students catch up any math problems in their own comfort home.Its much easier and much convenient for them since they don't have to go anywhere to research or find someone who can teach them.
Online Math tutor is of great help to students now because there just there 24/7 ready to accommodate your questions and problems and there are many Math problem solver who can assist you anytime you need them.Parents are grateful of Math tutors online because they know it can help them in their school needs at their very own comfort zone at a very affordable rate.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010



PHILIPPINES is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands.It has so many islands that tourists are crazy about.Aside form the beautiful beaches,the people are so hospitable that tourists go back and forth.








AND EIY YO!! who can resist this so tempting ,beautiful islands in the Philippines...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last Saturday morning,when our little boy woke up,my husband and i are so surprise when we touched him. He's hot and and its like he's not feeling well.We are so sad and so worried of our little boy.When we checked his temperature it was already 38.4'c..We decided to bring him to the hospital and have him checked,the doctor told us he was having tonsillitis.Its an inflammation of the tonsils caused by infection.

TONSILLITIS: an inflammation of the tonsils caused by infection.


The doctor gave my baby antibiotic and paracetamol. Good thing he's ok after 24 hours.Now he's back playing and is in good condition.God is so good that he answered our prayers...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Life now are much simpler than before since the technology is up arising everyday.We can do certain things in our own house with the use of our computers.Students need not to go to the libraries and spend so much time researching.Students need not to go to other house to have a tutor because there's an online tutor who will help you.Free Online tutoring help students save enough money plus the fact that its safe because you're just in your house surfing the net.Basically one of the hardest subject is Math and if you need any Math help,online tutoring is just a click away.Let's face it everyone are not gifted with brains that are good in Math that is why its good to have have Math tutor to help solve certain topics.Online tutoring is good and it will really help students understand.

I have always been grateful to this site because they help me a lot and they have Math Problem Solver that is so great and absolutely smart.Online Math Tutor is hassle- free and that you don't need any extra requirements to get in.I can definitely endorse this Math tutors Online to my friends at a very affordable rate.


ONE OF MY FAVE SONG...Mu hubby used to sing this song when we are officially become BF's and GF's.If its time for our baby to sleep he would always tell our baby that's s he's song for me...hehehe.. and our baby would just listen as if he understand the lyrics..such a cutey duo...


There are times when I just want to look at your face With the stars in the night There are times when I just want to feel your embrace In the cold night  Chorus: I just cant believe that you are mine now You were just a dream that I once knew I never thought I would be right for you I just cant compare you with anything in this world You're all I need to be with forevermore  All those years, I've longed to hold you in my arms I've been dreaming of you Every night, I've been watching all the stars that fall down Wishing you would be mine

Time and again There are these changes that we cannot end As sure as time keeps going on and on My love for you will be forevermore  Wishing you would be mine I just cant believe that you are mine now  You were just a dream that I once knew I never thought I would be right for you I just cant compare you with anything in this world As endless as forever Our love will stay together You're all I need to be with forever more (As endless as forever our love will stay together) You're all I need To be with forevermore...

Friday, March 12, 2010


In this era now,new things coming in.From food,fashion,gadgets and even technologies.I have always been a techie person and i love to discover new things.Apparently,as i surf the net i bump to this new DIRECTV which catches my attention.I have a problem with my cable connections that really makes my tv-watching routine ruined.
I look over their site DirectSatTV.com and i found out that they offer a very good package at at your price.I was totally amazed with their offer.You can save a big amount of money.Take note,what company that will give you free shipping + 50 % of to one year if you apply online.What a great deal right?Sports,movies,local channel's named it they offer it with a very reasonable price.
Let's all Get Direct tv now so we can all have the chance and experience their good offer.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


WHO wouldn't want to drive a hot, with character and elegant car? Guess everyone of us want ,right?Cars do help us a lot.Its more of our extended hand.With our cars,we want to make sure that everything are in good condition.Engine wise,tires,brakes and etc.But we don't just stop there?we want to make our interior look fabulous.I myself wanted to accessories the interior of my car.I want to change my dash kit to give more elegance and beautiful luxurious look.I want something fresh and clean.I am very picky when it comes to materials that is why i wanted a superior,quality materials.I am thinking of a wood dash kit that could give the fuller look of my car.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hi guys..I am still in a deep shockkkkkkkkkkked!!!!! weeee!!! im in trouble..Just when im about to do some blog hoping,i visited this site and as i was about to send my message,my pc just crushed and BOOM!!! i cant see anything anymore.I turned the pc on and when i open my blogger,the templates ,the widgets,and huhuhu my friends list just blown away..I was really surprised..MY APOLOGY to all my friends...Pls pm me your link so i could link back because i had to go over from scratch and rebuild my blog....HOPE YOU'LL UNDERSTAND ...




CHANCES?everybody deserves a second chance..But the question is how and what am i gonna do to attain that second chance.Ive made mistakes and really repent that one. I have been looking a company that will help me fix my credit.There are so many things that i wanna do but i cant make any such moves because of my bad credit reputation.I have received salaries in my entries and doing good on it.I've been wanting to apply for a car loan but for some reasons,they turned me down.I've been looking for a credit repair companies that would help.I am eager and hopelessly wanted to improve my credit score so i could start something fresh and new. .As i was surfing the net i found this site that would help me improve credit score.Since i am building a new reputation, a good hand with somebody is a good help.Hopefully i could attain this chance just like any others.

Monday, March 1, 2010


To all who doesn't know there's this new trend now called VAJAZZLING...mmmm!!! what could that be?oHHH!!! Well..its like adding some jewelries on the female's vagina so its bedazzlin the part with crystals to look more attractive..The famous Jeniffer love hewit started this when she broke up with his boyfriend and wants something new,and so they she try it on with the help of some friend...So friendships..would you go this far?... :-)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


First thing for sure when you're a mom you want every little detail of your children' s things are safe and clean.Now a days we all know that its not safe to buy things that attract you're eyes.I am very careful in choosing different stuff for my little one. I also have this attitude where i want everything personalized so i searched and i came across this very lovely site and it really catches my attention when i saw their products.I saw these very nice personalized bowls. All designs are so nice and attractive.You can have your own design and even have your name on it.It was so cute and take note what really made me love more?Its all BPA-free (BISPHENOL A).So its really and totally safe for our children's health.

As i go over,they have personalized pillowcases that are absolutely beautiful too.You can choose any designs and personalized it with your name at any fonts you want with absolutely 100% chenille fabric.

And behold,it does not stop there.They also have nap mat.There design are superb and perfect for toddlers and young children.It has a pillow inside and a soft fleece blanket and very easy to clean.If you want to personalized it ,you can do it too.So check it out now....