Friday, July 9, 2010


For the past weeks,I've been very sad and so depressed.A lot of things happened lately that really breaks my heart.2 weeks ago my little boy was sick and it lasted for almost a week.Looking at him in pain is like killing us all.Thank and praise god,he was able to cope the bad bacteria that got into his system.after a week,my sister was diagnosed of having a gallstone and that need to be removed.She was scheduled for an operation and thank god,the operation was successfully done.2 days after my sister's operation,i got a phone call from my auntie telling me that my dad was in pain and they brought him to the hospital.He was rushed and was admitted up to now.He was diagnosed of PNEUMONIA.It really worries me and definitely breaks my heart if any member of my family will get sick.I maybe tough and strong but deep inside me,my heart is bleeding..We cant hold what will happened next because everything is up to God.We cant predict the time.All we can do is just to pray and ask God for guidance and enlightenment.I surrender everything to God and i know everything will be ok in his time..Im so thankful and so blessed because God gave me such a very supportive and loving husband.He makes me feel especial and that everything is ok and will be ok..Im so touched yesterday and so happy.If im super down,he knows what could make me happy.He went home early from work,cancelled his patients appointments,and brought me and our baby boy to a Japaness Restaurant and dine."Order everything and little thing you want,eat anything you want and drink anything you want,my hubby said..:-) I smiled and kissed him.After here,will go the grocery and buy all you need,(i really enjoyed doing some groceries though)and last will buy some tagalog DVD'S that you havent watched,and i'll watch the movie with you( because he doesn't like tagalog movies stories..;-)
I felt a different feeling..A feeling of happiness and really uplift my spirit knowing that somebody and someone is there for you and who will do anything to make you happy..Such a nice feeling and super thankful for my dear husband and baby who kept on giggling all the way..:-) Love you both and thank you lord..


  1. @ Tonal...thanx for droppin by...:-)

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