Friday, October 30, 2009

PR 3/10

I am so so so surprised when i check my rank through and it says,,

Web Page URL:
The Page Rank:
(the page rank value is 3 from 10 possible points)

Isn't it great!!! :-) im so so so so happy...with all the sleepless nights and all the stress..wee!!! sooo happy....Thank you lord!! thank you thank you so much!! wanna say Thank you also to my dear kumadre..

for helping me out and patiently tutoring me on blogging..She's the one pushing me to start and do some blogging and not just play farm town with out generating for real in return.. Thank you kumadre myatskie dodle-gets...Soo Thank you!!!! muahhhhh!!! Salamat kaayo myat ay...lipay jud tawun ko nga naa nay ni appear sa akong site nga kana rank ..hahahaha at long last noh? WEEE!!!! wanna share this happiness to you myat...i owe this to in...salamat..hope dili ka mag stop tutor sa ako..hehehhe..lav you kumadre...miss you na kaayo...Pauli na tawun Colorado kay dita gasapon pag naa ka sa Texas...muahhhh!!! ingat always...

above all...thank you lord...thank you mama mary.. & thank you guardian angel.. :-)