Monday, October 19, 2009


Last friday,i had so much fun malling with my baby..Its a mall wide sale and my hubby let us go to the mall..It was soo much fun and so with my baby Sky..Im not really the typical person who loves to go out to mall during sale practically because there are a lot of people, you have to wait 30 minutes just to pay a single purchase, so crowded, and if your'e hungry ,you have to wait for a table..(which i really hate) even at fine dining or food chains..But last week,i had sooo much fun.The mall service are improving.They set up fast lane cashier,and its making everything fast...GO Go Go !! I remember when im not yet married, everytime i get inside the mall,i go straight to my fave bookstore'to check new book releases and boutique's to check whats new and whats hot for the month,but now that im already a wife and a mom,i go straight to boutiques's that sold for baby's, for the house, for hubby and last for me..:-)..Truelly change everything if you're already married..The prices are quiet good..No 50% mark down but at least there's a 10 or 20 % less..quiet good enough..ayt!! Better save for the next mall wide SALE..