Thursday, July 22, 2010


MONEY IS A VERY IMPORTANT OBJECT in our lives.Its something that we use to buy goods and pays our daily needs.But if you dont work hard,money will not come into you,unless you were born heiress.. I could honestly say i am very "NOT" good with money since i love to eat,shop and travel but when i got married and gave birth,i learned to value money.These are the 3 things that i learned and still hopping i could apply these lessons FOREVER...

  1. BUDGET -now i slowly little by little learning how to budget.I don't buy things that are not important.I buy things which i or we could literally use.As much as possible,i set money for what we really use for our everyday consumption.
  2. NO DEBTS - we intend not to use our credit cards,or buy things that are installments.We have to practice the word "patience" that in time if we need something,well have to save money to buy that something.NO to loans at all.(for now)
  3. SAVE MONEY - if we have money,its better to put it in the bank and not on the wallet...
I hope and pray that i will forever practice this kind of attitude.Patience is a virtue and im crossing my finger for this goal...GOODLUCK TO ME?