Saturday, June 26, 2010


Every time i go somewhere,i make it a point to bring my camera with me.Its like a "must to bring" when i go out.I like taking pictures of anything.It has no particular subject as long as i find it very interesting or fun to look at.I love taking when the sun rises and the sun sets.Blending of the color is super magnifico.Its like your'e at peace and so close with god.


Hope you'll all like it...:-)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Let's face it guys,the technology is fast uprising and new details are coming in.One of the most highly in demand on the web is playing online casino.Many players find it more convenient since they don't have to go somewhere to play and can even concentrate on the game better.When playing online, you must know the guidelines so you'll be familiar with the software.Basic information's helps one player.Reading the pros and con's helped a lot to win the prizes.Poker,blackjack,roulette,and slots are just among the famous games played.
When playing online,players will not be pressured by the other players because they don't see you and you will not be intimidated by others.Second thing to be grateful playing online is that,you can either choose to play for free or play with a bet and if you feel of not playing anymore,all you hav to do is just to stop and log out.

Monday, June 21, 2010


JUST FEW DAYS AGO, my hubby surprised me with a gift..He ask me to go with him to the mall with our baby and just wanted to roam around..I thought he just wanted to go there because he was just bored or something.All the while,he was thinking of buying me something then.He ask me to just pick one.Wether to pick a macbook or a DSLR camera.Then of course i wanted the macbook since im always on the net.Never did i imagine he would buy me right away.. :-) He just dragged me to the apple store and let me pick the one i wanted..To my surprise,i hugged him and kissed him..ehehhe surprising isn't it?!!!! He knew how much i wanted to buy lappy but because we have to save money for some projects,it was put aside.My hubby is kinda weird sometimes but i love it..Thanks so much honey bk...muahhh!!!

Im still familiarizing everything since its quiet different .Windows is quiet different with mac,but i tell you guys,its totally amazing... :-)