Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Way back when i was still in school,i remember i have few favorites and few hated subjects.I myself proudly can say that i belong to students who hate math .I really had a hard time understanding math and i always ask for free math tutoring.It would help my math homework done easily and effectively.I am just so blessed because i have friends who offered for free math homework help.Unlike now that the technology is so great,there are free math tutoring online where you could seek for help anytime,24/7.
One time my cousin went up to me and ask for some calculus help and solve calculus homework.But unfortunately i wans't able to help her because i myself to cannot understand the problem. I so pity on her on that moment.Then on that fine afternoon she just called me and told me she went online and find a calculus tutor and help her.

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