Tuesday, March 2, 2010


CHANCES?everybody deserves a second chance..But the question is how and what am i gonna do to attain that second chance.Ive made mistakes and really repent that one. I have been looking a company that will help me fix my credit.There are so many things that i wanna do but i cant make any such moves because of my bad credit reputation.I have received salaries in my entries and doing good on it.I've been wanting to apply for a car loan but for some reasons,they turned me down.I've been looking for a credit repair companies that would help.I am eager and hopelessly wanted to improve my credit score so i could start something fresh and new. .As i was surfing the net i found this site that would help me improve credit score.Since i am building a new reputation, a good hand with somebody is a good help.Hopefully i could attain this chance just like any others.


  1. o that's so tearjerking ... I did mine too that's why I got a new face ... I added it already ...

  2. @ VERNZ... thanx so much..im gonna ad you too.