Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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Little did we know that as simple as tooth decay may lead to a HEART FAILURE.Let me discuss first what really tooth decay is.Many of us thought its just one of those little thingy in our teeth that when we brush, it will go away instantly.Tooth decay means the loss of the mineral from teeth.A disease where in a bacteria damages the hard tooth structure.There are two common termed used for tooth decay.

These are:
  1. CAVITY - a hole resulting to the tooth decay process Nice Grill Graphic
  2. CARIES - rotten, due to the tooth decay process
Untreated tooth decay may cause destruction,lead to different infections,tooth loss which is extremely painful,and should be removed and be replaced by a prosthesis.The plaque that is forming in our teeth contains bacteria that feed on the sugar for up to 15 to 2o minutes of eating in our mouth that makes acids,and attack after eating and during these time these acid distroy the tooth enamel that caused tooth decay.

Based from the researchers,there is a connection between a gum disease and a heart attack. The bacteria in dental plaque may cause blood clot,and may developed a heart attack, when they released in the blood stream. People who have periodontal disease are highly risk of heart diseases.

  • Brush your teeth at least 3x a day with a fluoride containing toothpaste Go To Home Page
  • Clean in between your teeth with a dental floss

  • Eat healthy foods and avoid carbohydrates such as candy's,chocolates and chips
  • Visit your dentist regularly for cleaning and oral exams.
Our health is very important more than anything.We cannot function well if we are not healthy.We should give importance to our body than material things.We should maintain a healthy living so we could have longer lives.We only have one life so we have to take good care of it..

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  1. I have read a minute ago that global warming could increase tooth decay and now tooth decay may cause heart failure. What else can we link to tooth ache? Who would think that a simple cracked tooth may cause a heart failure?
    The very bottom line here is to take care of our teeth as early as possible. Have a regular dental check up in order to avoid dental problems.

  2. So I've heard! The survey where this finding came from first said that it was exclusive w/ females, followed by a certain age group. Finally, it stated that there's a 80+% (can't remember the exact number) chance that a person with bad dental hygiene will die of a heart attack.

  3. The pressure of pain can bring pressure to heart. Actually any pain is can block air passage to the arteries connected to heart.

    Like what they have said, Prevention is better than cure. maintain a clean tooth, have at least 4 times cleaning or dental consult annually