Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Long before.mosquitoes for me is just one of those little flying insect that when it bites me,i just scratch it and then its ok.But now,its one of the most dangerous carrier disease called DENGUE.Really, really breaks my heart and tearing myself apart everytime i heard about dengue cases for which i lost a very smart,intelligent,kind,handsome and bubbly nephew.3 years ago,my first nephew died of cardiac arrest,secondary to dengue.Aj boy is a fun loving 14 year old boy who is a computer addict.As i am writing this blog,im bursting into tears because just 4 days ago,we celebrated his 18th birthday.I have a lot to write about him and slowly want to elaborate what happened but i guess,im not yet ready to write about his biography and why ended so early..Let me just share to all of you what causes him to be with the lord so early.After all the laboratory test are done,the doctors prognosis is dengue.Its a virus caught from mosquito bite,Mosquito become infected when they bite infected human and transmit to other people.
Anatomy Picture of an Adult Female Mosquito
  • fever lasting 2-7 days
  • nausea / vomiting
  • bleeding tendencies from nose and gums
  • abdominal pain
  • weakness of the body
  • joint and muscle pain
  • rashes
  • low-platelet count

Mostly dengue occurs in tropical areas such as asia and outbreaks occurs during rainy season.Dengue live along humans and breed in discarded tires,flower pots,canals,cans,softdrink caps and etc.Dengue bites during the day.For us not to give them the benefit to breed,we should make it a point all grounds for breeding should be kept clean and closed.Until this moment there are no vaccines to prevent dengue.Patients who are diagnosed with dengue are advised to put to rest,drink a lot of clear fluids and adviced not to eat solid foods so that the body can rest from digestion and can concentrate on healing.


  • Wear clothes that could cover your arms,legs,hands,ankles and feet
  • Use bed nets
  • Use insect repellent
  • Aerosols insectisides help clean the area
  • stagnant waters should be clean everyday
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take vitamins to boost immune system

As a mom to a 4 month baby boy,i am very careful and overly protective of him.I make it a point that we follow all the the preventions .I make sure that he wear leg or arm warmer everyday.I applied him SHOO FLY from Indigo as his insect repellent (really safe and really works for infants)gave him lots of water and vitamins.Not to expose him to places in which mosquitos are visible and make sure that our area is clean and well maintained.People may find me very meticulous but i don't mind them because i know its for a good cause.

Rain gardens do not attract mosquitoes.  In fact, rain gardens attract dragonflies (which eat skeeters!)


  1. yeah until now i was still afraid with this desease..in my country still high patient

  2. ..really? from where are you?..the best way for us is just to be careful and apply insect repellent and help clean the envisronment..thanx for the comment..? do drop by again :-)

  3. i was there and i witnessed every one mourn and in woes weeping for the sudden lost of AJ it tears me down taking all the pictures of you. In addition i also learned recently that once an individual had dengue, it will remain in ur system since it is considered as a living virus so once you had dengue every time u got fever u need to hurry and go to the dr. for further examination coz it might hit u again.....

  4. mohon maaf lahir batin kalo ada salah-salah kata

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  6. My 2 kids got afflicted with dengue before. now we're also extra-careful with our new baby. there are also many cases here in thailand. my niece has just recuperated from being confined for about a week due to this dreadful disease caused by just a mosquito bite.

  7. Hi cookie, this is a great post. Dengue is a threat nowadays. My daughter was a victim of dengue mosquito. God is so good that I have rushed her right away to the hospital that it has not went to a more serious level.

  8. My condolences. I heard that Dengue is even more dangerous than AH1N1. God Bless!

  9. that is one of the things i am afraid of when i visit phils with my kids, dengue. am scared with that mosquitoe.

  10. hiiiiiiii friend plz visit me back