Sunday, September 13, 2009


SUNDAY..SUNDAY..SUNDAY!!! :-) I really really love Sunday's and its my favorite day of the week..Its the day where we hear mass and its a family day..We love Sunday's for we can unwind,bond as a
family the whole day and really spend quality time together with our baby.Our typical Sunday starts having a coffee,eating yummy breakfast,playing with our baby,bath,visit my nephew aya aj at oro garden's and go to our fave mall. For us,aside from what id just say,we also call Sunday our Pizza day because my husband and i really love pizza. We cant trade Pizza with any food.Truly we can even eat 2!! :-) ..Its good thing one of our favorite Pizza parlor is having a promo in which if you have a Palm card,they will give you another box for free,then we can save more money heheheh!!!!isn't it great?For some families,they will go to the beach,visit some friends house,or simply by just staying home,watching some video or just lying in bed.
For now,i think me and my baby will just stay home, for my hubby had to go somewhere for a medical mission.I always ask him why do you have to go there?Its time for you to rest and be with us.(mumbling). But he just simply said,as much as i wanted to stay home honey but i also have commitments to people who cannot afford to go to a hospital to have them checked.This is a very small favor and i dont want to pass this moment.We are just so blessed because in our simple lifestyle we can afford to be checked anytime we want to,but this people can't.I know for sure theyr'e waiting for this moment, and i want to help them in my own little way.I cant let this missions passed..Then he kissed me and say well go out as soon as i get home.
Right at that very moment,i melted like ice.I exactly understand his point that not all his time are ours even sundays and for sure holidays too.I forgot i married a doctor.There was this instance also when were having our monthsary dinner when he had to live me at the restaurant because he had to go to the hospital for an emergency call.I felt sad but its ok i know there will be more monthsary's but there's only one life we got and he had to help him save that guy.I am so proud of my husband because as young as he is, he had help so many people unconditionally.


  1. i love sundays too.. a day for family and rest. :)

  2. ..i think most of us are..:-) thanxxx!!

  3. your very right we cannot get all of our husbands time even when we start working everything needs to be scheduled as our respective jobs are concern.

  4. Hi, Cookie!we're also a pizza monster family. Here in Bangkok, we can either go for our fave Buy 1 take 1 Free at the closest Pizza Co. outlet or call 1112 for delivery even at midnight but not as economical as having it picked up at their outlet.
    About being a wife of a doctor, I would say, you're the noblest for making your husband very noble and selfless with his profession saving lives.