Friday, September 11, 2009


Im a mom to 4 month old baby boy and as a new mom, i always wanted to make sure that all the things that my baby are using are all safe.Safe in a way, that not only by the looks but for the chemicals used in producing that certain product.I should be very wise in selecting the product because first thing for sure,we are talking of the safety and the health of a baby..The basic things that you should have when you have a baby is of course clothing, bottle feeding, sterilizer, pacifier,diaper, teether and feeding items.As you noticed, 90% are all made with plastics.And since mostly are plastics,the question is DO PLASTICS SAFE ?AND WHICH PLASTIC ARE SAFE.

I researched about plastics and i concluded that not all plastics are safe.A lot of company's, small and big company's do manufacture products that are totally not safe in our health.One compound that really surprised me was the BISPHENOL or BPA,a chemical compound most often found in Polycarbonate Plastics.Some scientists are worried that BPA can leach from the plastic into liquid held in the baby bottle, especially when bottles are heated to extreme temperatures, and the chemical may affect the body, particularly in young children.And then again it made me think and question what is Polycarbonate?It is a chemical considered to be harmful to human health and the environment. It is known that a scratched and worn polycarbonate feeding bottles will penetrate this chemical into liquids.According to,a polycarbonate is a high performance plastic that brings the product into clarity and toughness,lightweight and highly break resistance and one example is epoxy resins.A polycarbonate also is a hormone disruptor.It simulates the action of estrogen when tested in human breast cancer studies and can penetrate into food as product ages.Come to think of it and according to research,BPA appears harm,mostly to critical development,fetal development,and during the first year of life. In an a certain study about BISPHENOL,it has explored the bio activity of the BPA,penetrates from polycarbonates,the BPA then appeared and released from a polycarbonate cage of an animal down to water,room temperature and that may have been responsible for the enlargement of a reproductive organ of a female mice.

Then by now, since im feeding my baby through bottles, i should pick things that are totally BPA-FREE.It doesn't have to be expensive and famous brand but at least a BPA- free for sure.Just check out the label and see if its is labeled BPA_FREE.Our health is far much more important than anything else and so with our kids..."BPA-FREE" ( ",)


  1. I thoroughly read your article and for the very first time i felt helpless knowing that my nieces, nephews, down to my grand kids might used the bottles with PBA and those are really extremely harmful. Some toxic do attack later though so that is really something to be considered got a very informative article keep posting helpful write ups.....

  2. BPA i mean my bad lol anyhow ur article is outstanding why? because even me i wasnt aware untill i stumbled in ur corner so bravo......... ur a writer

  3. ..i felt the the same feeling with you..Lets just be thankful with the new technologies now,so far so good,esp the internet,so much informations we can get...than'x for the comment..Lets just be wise and be careful of our choices..:-)