Monday, February 15, 2010


Hi everyone !!! :-) ..Its been a while since the last time i was on my PAGE...For the past 2 months,i was doing a lot of things..From holidays,transferring to a new and better house,and some small things that need to be taking cared of.I super love our new house right now.It's bigger than the the other one.I like the bathroom,the kitchen,the living room,very spacious, but i am not so happy with the garden because it was too small that i cannot plant all my favorite plants courtesy from my mom's collection...:-)..It was indeed a good place to stay since our little SKY is starting to walk with the help of somebody and that he could go wherever he goes on his walker.The place is very secured but only that,its so hot if its around 11:00 am down to 3:00 pm since the gate and the wall is too high that the fresh air can't get in...(additional amount on our electric bill ..:-(
Right now,both my hubby and i agreed that we really are at home on this house... (",)

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  1. hi cooks, parehas jud ta. inactive pd ko sa blogging ron coz we also transferred. But unlike yours na new, amo kay gi renovate lang. But it's twice bigger sa among gipuy-an before and safer & at least I can smell fresh air, hehehe. Nanami sa nazareth ron. Asa naman inyong bag-ong mansion ron?