Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hi guys!!! this is my 10 month old baby boy SKY..In this picture we call him our little alibang-bang..or a Caterpillar in English.Sky is so fun of taking pictures and surely really love to pose in front of the camera and wanted to show his 2 tiny teeth.When the photographer ask him to smile,he would not just smile but he would giggle as if somebody is tickling him.The photographer is so amazed by his attitude that he even call him the "professional/baby/model".
Sky knows a lot of things already.He can barely say "dad-da" and when he's so hungry and wanted to have his milk right away he can say du-dey.(daddy)(hehehe like the British accent)that's why we love to put the milk on hold for how many seconds so he would kept on saying du-dey.When its time to sleep and pray he would just put his to hands together. He loves to read the books especially Pinocchio and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.He can stay in front of the monitor the whole day as long as its Barney that he's watching and he super love Barney with all he's heart. ..
Time flies so very very fast that we did not notice he's turning one in 2 months.We are so excited for our baby's journey.As i mention on my past entries that he is out heart that walks and that he's the one that kept us going amidst trials and difficulties..