Saturday, December 12, 2009


My hubby and i has always been a devotee of Senior Sto. Nino.When we were still Bf's and GF's we make it appoint to spend Sinulog every year.It was like a promise to sto. nino that we would celebrate that very special day.Thousands and thousands of people flock to Cebu and celebrate.It was one of the most grandest and most colorful festival in the Philippines.The festival usually spend every third Sunday of January in Cebu City Philippines in honor of sto.nino.One of the main event of the festival is the street dancing where a lot of contingents from different regions and join the said event.

There are 3 main event in the Sinulog :

1. PROCESSION -a solemn procession along the major streets which lasted for hours due to a vast crowd.
2. STREET DANCING- Sinulog parade starts at Sunday morning
3. FLUVIAL PARADE- a water parade from Mandaue City to Cebu City with Sto.Nino carried with a boat with flowers and candles and the procession ends at Basilica church.

Street party's are everywhere during this 9 days celebration.There are a lot of tourists come and witness Sinulog.If you want to experience this very superb festival,have a month ahead reservation from hotels and booked tickets as early as you can or else you have to wait for the next Sinulog to experience the fun.


  1. crossing our fingers we can go next year..:-)

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  3. @ 123 123 : thank you so much for reading my entry..Hope you'll try my other entries too.. than you for droppin by... :-) pls do drop by again ...