Wednesday, December 2, 2009


For the past 3 days,i wasn't active with my blog for some medical reason's.Just last Sunday,we are very sad and so worried when we found out that the poop of or baby is not normal.He's been defecating and its not solid anymore but water.After 3 hours,we rushed him to the hospital to have him checked.We were advised to have a stool exam and later, our Pediatrician found out that he is positive of AMOEBA.What a surprise.He's drinking a distilled water,bath with a mineral water,bottles & even toy's are sterilized,cottons under go with an autoclave,alcohol before holding him,well sanitized room and house,but what a surprise,he still got it.I asked our Pediatrician why he got it and where,She said,that's the common disease we got if its a rainy season.No matter how we avoid it,it will attack us especially to the babies.We are just so blessed because baby Sky is such a strong willed baby.We know deep inside that he's fighting.Given the fact that he's not feeling well,that he's tummy is aching,but still he smiled and hugged us and play's with us and not showing any signs that he's sick as if everything is normal.God is so good that he provides us all the things needed for he's medication.Right now,baby Sky is still under medication,given proper diet and 100 times careful with everything.
My apology to my friends who visited here and wasn't visit you in return.Hope you all will understand.I'll double my time to visit you guys.Thank you..


  1. Hi.. I hope your baby Sky is better now.

    It's ok if you can't bloghop for now. I'm sure everyone will understand. :)

  2. @ medic ..thank you so so sweet of really means a lot to me ..thanx for droppin by...:-)

  3. my shoutbox widget i hope can be fix soon :)