Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When two persons decided to get married especially us Christians,one of the many things to have in the ceremony is the wedding ring.When i was still a kid,i remember i asked my mom why is she wearing that ring all the time and the rest she will removed if she will go to sleep or taking a bath.My mom said,it is not an ordinary ring.It may not be the most expensive ring she has but its the most important & the most precious ring she ever has.With my innocence at a very young age,i asked her why?and she simply said,it symbolizes marriage and her commitment to fidelity to dad,a token showing their love for each other,and symbolizes eternity and endless love that cannot be broken.. .But then again because of innocency ,i just leave it that way.As i was growing up and start collecting jewelries,every time i checked my box,i always remember the words that mom told me.A wedding ring is not just an ordinary ring. I always wished that someday i'll also have my own wedding ring exactly like mom and dad.
Last sept-2008 when my hubby asked me to marry him,i was very excited because soon i'll have my own wedding ring...

here are some picture's of our wedding ring:

Our's is a 14k white gold.A clean and uncomplicated design since i want something that's unique and timeless.Its a combination of brushed and polished surfaces.Very comfortable to wear and could fit any of your outfit.Its something that without it, its like i'm not wearing anything...


  1. @ KOKON9LOVE .thanx thanx... :-) thanx for the readin my entry..thanx for dropppin by too... :-)

  2. i love it kumadre...very stunning...

  3. like a wedding ring life must not be complicated so us our marriage. But it does never forget that there is our God to guide us.

    Have a nice day. and nice blog you have here.