Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last night,my hubby and i watch the news together with our 6 month old baby when the news broke out that one of the deadliest disease ages from o-5 years old is PNEUMONIA.It makes me sad because i have a 6 month old baby.Right after the news,i asked my hubby what really Pneumonia is, the signs and symptoms and the causes.I asked him because he's in the medical field and i know gladly ha has bits and infos regarding that disease.This is what he says:

PNEUMONIA is an inflammatory of the lungs caused by the bacteria,viruses or fungi.


Pneumonia Illustration

In order for the doctor to diagnosed if it is PNEUMONIA,the patient will under go general examination and chest x-ray.If then positive with Pneumonia,the patient will be given antibiotics,advised proper rest,give plenty of fluids,medication and hospitalization.Babies are so fragile that we have to take them extra care.In order for the baby not to have it,baby should be prevented by avoiding contact with people who have colds or suffering from lung or respiratory infection.Babies should be away from people who are suffering from chickenpox or measles that may develop pneumonia.

Mothers are advised to bring their babies to their Pediatrician for their vaccines.My baby was injected PNEUMOCOCCAL POLYSACCHARIDE VACCINE.It was kinda expensive ( P 3,500 ) but its not the amount that counts but the safety and the health of the baby that's important.One thing we mothers should do is we should be very sensitive and watchful to our babies.Not only to our babies but to our surrounding's.We have to make sure that the house,the food,the toys and everything that the baby are using are clean and safe.


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