Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am so excited for tomorrow Nov.25,2009 because it will be mommy and daddy's wedding anniversary.It will be their 42 nd wedding anniversary.I am hypocrite if i will say my family is perfect because we all have shared our sorrow's and difficulties in life.As a family there's always the "UP's and DOWN's".But amidst all difficulties my family maneuver to the right direction.My mom would always tells us that she was grateful and blessed to have daddy.Daddy was a very gentle and charming young soldier,who played basketball very very well.My mom then was a young teacher who came from other place,practicing his education degree.Daddy would always say that mom was very sexy and cute.They fell in love and decided to get married.They were blessed to have 3 precious jewels unluckily no boy with whom supposed to bring daddy's surname .I've grown up seeing how my dad take care my mom and mom to daddy.They are so sweet and you will really see the love and care for each other.Every time my dad would go out of town or country,he make sure that he has something for mom.One thing they have in common is they both love flowers.They collect different kinds of varieties. In any occasions,dad would buy flowers for mom.It might not be that beautifully arranged or that expensive but for mommy its the thought that counts.They are very thoughtful to each other.My mom is a hands on mom,and he truly served my dad with all of his heart and same with dad too for mom.I am very grateful and blessed to have a close to perfect parents.A parents who will do anything for their children and parents who will succrefice for their children.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOMMY AND DADDY..I LOVE YOU..A superb parents and a a superb grand-parents..:-)


  1. love u daddy and mommy..happy 42nd wedding anniv..muahhh!!!

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  3. Happy 42 Anniversary to your mom and dad.