Tuesday, August 2, 2011


IF YOURE A MAC user, then you probably familiar with PHOTO BOOTH..It's where you can take picture's or video via your lappy.One of the best or not the craziest thing on this application is the add -on effects.Hell yeah,you can make anything out of this hilarious effect's ey,from a simple smile to weirdest pose...hahahha,!! and mind you dearie,you can make a funny and awesome video too that work's like magic...

So there you go,hope you do like them,...=)

Friday, July 29, 2011



Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was checking my old albums on my iphoto and i happened to came across this picture and it really melt my heart out.My ex-boyfriend,( ex-boyfriend because of course,he's my husband NOW already ahhaha,) and i, was on the beach watching as the sun set's.As far as i my memory goes,this was taken 5 or 6 yrs ago at their place..=)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


ITS BEEN days and days that i kept changing the color and the look of my blog(*sigh*),from black to brown to pink to green to yellow to orange to blue,and yet i couldn't find the perfect combi to finalize.I have this thing in me where i usually get bored right away..hhahahha,("YES,THAT PARTIALLY IS THE REAL ME")...Instead of bloghopping or to make a post,i end up clicking dashboard,and change my templates,hahahha(ano ba yan!)For the past few weeks,i was so in love with nude make up's,so as not to prolong my agony on what color to make put on my blog i decided to do something that's"kinda nude" ahhahaha,Just to add some "arte" i googled some caricature photo just to add something,so here you go,i hope you all like it......

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MY KIDDO'S OUTFIT july 17,2011

SUNDAY'S IS OUR church,mall,beach,pool,food &play day.It has been our our family routine that sunday's should be a worry and stress free, fun and bubbly day.As a mom, it really excites me too since i love dressing up my boy.I could secretly say that my husband is "vain"in his own little way hahahaha..Hes very particular with what he wear, esp the color and the fitting.I guess doctor's are born that way anyway and he just wanted to pass it on his son.(very vain) hahahha.My husband is my number 1 critique when dressing up our boy.He's very particular with the design,style and the color that is why i am very careful in choosing.We are not particular with the brand somehow but just the comfortability,style,design and the durability(were giving justice to the bucks we spend anyway).So here are some picture's of my son on what he wore last sunday..Hope you like it,=)...



Friday, July 15, 2011


JUST LAST YEAR,my NOKIA N70 phone actually was stolen from a cafe..It really made my heart sunk - out since its the only phone that lasted in me for almost 4 yrs.I remember we bought the same unit together with my hubby(whose yet my bf then).From that moment on,i promised myself not to buy pricey phones or i might end up giving it away to thief's..For the past months,i've been using my mom's old old old phone,no camera,black and white LCD,4 lines display and more.I just remind myself always that its not the features that count but the signal and the load,hahahha poor me,just encouraging myself but i know deep inside, me too wanted a better and new model phone.My husband ask me to buy new one but i wanna ground myself so i would learned my mistakes and stand for it.Money is not easy to find and i wanna save and learned the hard way.I know one day,i might have a phone better than the one stolen,hahahha,(lifting myself to the highest level,hehhe)Anyhow,its just a phone,a phone ,and a phone..
Then came April of 2011,same month my phone was stolen,my husband was teasing my phone.It really irritates me but hell yah,its my fault anyway.Everytime we go to a mall i always glance on windows of the phone shops,thinking and praying i hope i would have that one too.One afternoon,we were in a mall with hubby and baby,my hubby just asked me,why i always glance on that phone,i just simply say,if ill win lotto ill surely buy that then my hubby just laugh and answered,how will you win lotto you dont even buy tickets,then we laugh.The following day,my husband and our baby went to the mall again to buy something.Little did i know,he was already planning to buy that phone ive been eyeing.we went inside the shop and said"Go hon,pick the model you want,just make it faster coz im freakin hungry,and my jaw dropped and I was like"omg,are you sure?then he said as i have said,make it faster coz im hungry.I was so happy that i pick the one i truly like..=),my husband do love to surprise me..=) and i LOVE IT...=))

Now,im a certified BLACKBERRY user and i super like it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


ITS BEEN LIKE 8 months since the last time i peep on my blog for i have been so busy with a lot of things.So many things to do and so little time that i eventually i forgot to update and since now that i can pretty stretch my time, so here i am,doing what i love"BLOG-BLOG-BLOG",,I miss my blog-friends especially blogger-mom's whom i exchange ideas on raising our little kiddo's and most of all my dear maring Emyat who encourage me to BLOG.So dear friends let me first ask you"HI-HELLO,HOW ARE YOU? cozdear cookie is here again ready to tango...=)eeeeeyahhhhhh!!!!!!!